Striborg - In The Heart Of The Rainforest/Misanthropic Isolation

Sin Nanna’s re-issues of IN THE HEART OF THE RAINFOREST and MISANTHROPIC ISOLATION mark a cool day in the life of Striborg the artistic center because the album is made up of middle-length depressive black metal tracks in which not one has a single control over a premise. Please see my review of BLACK DESOLATE WINTER/DEPRESSIVE HIBERNATION to see why I make this point. This is of course really two albums put together, but the distinction is not as clear here as it is elsewhere. I liken my response to this CD to my immediate response to EMBITTERED DARKNESS/ISLE DES MORTES because the lump sound does buzzes through with a beautiful melancholia but does not switch moods too much between concept to concept, just between song to song. A prime example for me is the transition from “In The Heart Of The Rainforest” to “As Twilight Falls.” This transition is marked by diminishing guitar ambience followed by fast black metal beats and vocals that break out fairly quickly. I think this is just wonderful because the name of song involves Twilight, a time of relaxation and ending, not necessarily abrupt cracks of music. But this intellectualized counter-mood also reminds me of Anaal Nathrakh’s CD DOMINE NON ES DIGNUS closer, “Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light” for obvious reasons. I will leave this review with that similarity and let the mind grapple with the wide world of black metal contending with itself across the divide. For on one hand we have Tasmanian Striborg with his decidedly beautiful dark anti-technology persona and the British Anaal Nathrakh’s embrace of technology more completely on the other. Yes despite that seeming simple difference, there are some awesome and strangely familiar black metal statements flying across the oceans from Sin Nanna’s effort.

1. Forest Of Fear
2. In The Heart Of The Rainforest
3. As Twilight Falls
4. The Dawn Of Winter
5. Out Of The Fog She Appeared Dressed In Black
6. Nocturnal Transparent Rainbow
7. Misanthropic Isolation
8. The Long Dark Path
9. To The Gate Of Beliar
10. As The Night Emits Its Shadow
11. Where Cold And Darkness Meet
12. House Covered In Thorns
13. The Dawn Of Winter
14. Into The Gloomy Moon's Silhouette
Displeased Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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