Striborg - Journey Of A Misanthrope (DVD)

After releasing a couple of albums in 2007 Striborg also had some spare time to records material for his first DVD. As you are familiair with the black metal of Sin Nanna than you also know the songs as they appeared on previous released material. The black metal of Striborg breaths an atmosphere of desolation, misanthropia, grim, cold, monotonism and spooky. The tunes are played the same way and they are not my cup of beer. I get irritated as the ambient sounds and slow repeative tunes get me annoyed. But when I look at the videoclips het created I must admit is suits the songs perfectly. You see footage of forests, see himwandering through snow, playing instruments, nightvision captures and computer rendered visuals. Beside the songs you also see a Forest gallery with.... pictures of Sin Nanna in the forest, trees, moon etc. In the treeography you see the recordings that were released.

For Striborg fans a must have, finally see images with the sounds Sin Nanna created during with his forest hikings.

1. The failure of human nature
2. Son of the moon
3. Beneath the fields of rapacious blood
4. Somnambulistic nightmares
5. Wandering the wilderness of eternal misery
6. One with the night
7. The grandeur of melancholy
8. Homosapiens devoid
Forest gallery

Displeased Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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