Striborg - Solitude

This is the latest studio release of Striborg. After this the DVD will be released but first we have to do with this album.
Again the solo artist is creating eerie sounds with grim dark forest black metal. The album starts with a soundscape that is followed by a 15 minute track of mid paced black with nailscratching vocals with slow dancing melodies.
The ambiant sounds are those simple accords on a keyboard that don't add a feeling right away.

The "real" songs are sounding a lot the same to me. When I listen to "Striborg", "Pernicious Paths Of Perception" or "The Failure Of Human Nature" I have the feeling that I am in a deja vu. Ofcourse they sound grimm with the vocals and melodies but I would have seen or better heard, more variation.

I know Jesse wouldn't agree with me but hey, that's life...

1. Ektoplasmic Dreams
2. Striborg
3. Pernicious Paths Of Perception
4. The Untouched Land
5. Doppelganger
6. The Failure Of Human Nature
7. The Grandeur Of Melancholy
8. Homosapiens Devoid
Displeased Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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