Striborg - Trepidation

This effort by Striborg, AKA Sin Nanna, is one for the metal books. It fires the hinges off the bathroom shower door and screams at your vulnerable naked body with its opening motif that so harks to Alfred Hicthcock’s 1960 thriller Psycho. The second track, aptly named “Journey of a Misanthrope,” etches this idea in further detail by providing a forceful and static (in this case, my use of “static” is not meant to be negative) area for an actual musical assault. I understand that the use of the term “musical assault” or “sonic assault” is not new to music writing, but I feel like it is new to Striborg’s music because although he embraces dark music with all of its inherent and assumed nuances, he does not usually create music that strikes me as so violent on the outset. Trepidation is one of these violent albums.

The fourth track, “Black Gaia,” reinvigorates Striborg’s keyboard work but adds to it not just melancholia, but also looks to film again because it so reminds me of some scene in which a monster is not just wrecking the world but is still awaiting around the corner to accomplish more damage. The violence of the album is released from the beginning but yet one still feels as if the worse is yet to come. And I have to say, the title is correct if my analysis of the CD is right. Buy it and check for yourself. I do, however, recommend caution because the Evil is out there ready.

1. Pavor Nocturnus
2. Journey Of A Misanthrope
3. Reaping The Fields Of Black Death
4. Black Gaia
5. Dismal Snowst In The Sombre Forests
6. The Everlasting One Of The Forest
7. Winter Frost, Hail And Snowfall
8. Trepidation
9. Catawampus
10. Whispering Spirit
Displeased Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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