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I last encountered these Canadian’s a couple of albums ago, having missed their last offering, I filled the gap before taking note of this one. The immediate thing that struck me was the low key artwork, it’s simply not as vibrant as previous releases that’s for sure (but it could be a great tattoo). However, musically, Striker still kick your ass. Their mix of heavy/power metal reminds me more based on this album to earlier ones to latter Leatherwolf material. The melodies are cool, vocals are of course on top form. Some of the songs engage a little groove which doesn’t do a lot for me, but then you get to tracks like ‘Born to Lose’ and then the beers will flow in appreciation.

‘Over The Top’ is busier in the riff department, whilst I hear older material from the vocal, there’s a more modern power metal sound in the momentous pace of the tune overall with some of the chugging rhythms…however, the vocal melody I really love. The passion is transferred easily to the listener. ‘Rock the Night’ reminds me of the heavier metal sounds of the 80’s that may have been labelled LA metal, I get that mainly from the strong vocal and overall happier nature of the rhythm. The real metal heavy comes with ‘Curse of the Dead’, this is back to the Priest style we come to know of this band. Fast, furious, freewheel burning indeed. That vocal melody again, FFS…stop being so catchy! Then move to the riffs… my fist has been clenched so much in the air (you know the practice of air drumming and air guitar right?!) during this track I may have developed a RSI!

After a few listens, I get this more than my initial impressions. Striker have been loyal to their heritage and expanded their arsenal in terms of song writing. I’ve found this more a case with the vocal, but the marriage of melody and heavy is pretty special. Well, what more can be said, another quality release from Canada’s Striker.

  1. Former Glory  
  2. Pass Me By  
  3. Born To Lose  
  4. Cheating Death  (Instrumental)
  5. Shadows In The Light 
  6. Rock The Night
  7. Over The Top  
  8. Freedom's Call  
  9. Curse Of The Dead  
  10. Desire (cover Ozzy Osbourne)


Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 11, 2017

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