Stronghold - Portal Of Illusions

From Pittsburgh (USA) comes this band called Stronghold. With skilled members (years of experience) forced joined in 2001. This is their 2nd release and contains 12 songs of classic power metal. Multiple vocalchords, melodic riffing with nice leads in mid tempo songs. A sound in clear production and very capable of getting airplay on national rock stations. Maybe it not delivers an earthquake for extreme metal fans but good enough for those who listen real and true hardrock.

1. Power Rises
2. Stronghold
3. Cyclone
4. Enemy Within
5. Fractured
6. Ironheart
7. Twilight
8. All That I Am
9. Before My Eyes Awake
10. Lockdown
11. Ad Astra
12. S.O.S.

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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