Sturm - Fragmente

Sturm is a German band that sings in their own language. The music they play is however universal. Metal that is hard to be defined. It is a bit theathrical overal. You find different elements as well some orignal ideas woven in melody or songstructures. The songs are most in mid and uptempo but also compelling parts. The vocals are aggressive shouting but also in clear singing with multivocal support. Guitars are dwelling through the songs. Concluding that is suprising to listen to and need some listening sessions.

1. Schmerz
2. Fleisch
3. Blutbad
4. Kalte gefuehle
5. Stahlfleish
6. De histrione
7. Egophil
8. Priester
9. Bestie
10. Wahn & Sinn
11. Fragmente

Source Of Deluge Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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