Stygian Dark - Gorelords Of War

Great surprise these Stygian Dark, band that sees the good old Dave Ingram (Benediction, Bolt Thrower) behind the microphone. Death metal old mold that remembers the good times gone. Dark and dark as a disc like this must sound. Black like pitch to stay glued and never separate.

"Gorelords Of War" immediately starts with the title track and is immediately death metal old school. The cavernous voice of Dave joined the typical and sharp sound of Rogga Johansson (Paganizer and more) transport us to us unknown for us to make a big jump in the deepest of the abyss of pain.

The whole album does not show any signs of failure, and pushes to the end on the accelerator pedal, grinding walls of impenetrable riffs supported by a truly powerful rhythmic section. 'Driven By Ravenous Hunger' takes us back to the facts of the past where the mid tempos do it as a master. 'Casket Malediction' is truly hypnotic in its slow and heavy incel.

The whole album flows on precise coordinates decided to reach the final goal as soon as possible. The experience of all the components certainly pay. For those who love this type of death metal will not be able to do without these Stygian Dark. Hoping obviously we have a follow-up to this, hopefully, lucky output. DEATH METAL AS WELL!!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Gorelords Of War
2. Driven By Ravenous Hunger
3. Casket Malediction
4. Lick The Oculus
5. To Kill The Raven
6. The Oligarch
7. Suffering Of The Sinister
8. Lacerated Lies
9. No Choke Chain On The Wolf
10. Buried Before First Light