Styxian Industries – Salvation Through Deterioration

Styxian Industries are a industrial black/ death metal band from the Netherlands, and ‘Salvation…’ is their first EP. The album isn’t as chock full of dance beats as an Aborym album, nor does it feature so many ambient sections such as Reverence. In fact, from the opening track, it seems like this band is pretty straightforward in their style, featuring blastbeats and a switch between a black metal shriek and death growl. Only when it comes to the title track will fans maybe see a bit of industrial influences with samplings and a creepy, ambient atmosphere, but the track is very short. The harsh atmosphere of “Finites…” also may lend an ear to industrial influences, but again, they are very subtle. The strongest example of industrial black metal is probably “Revise Your Existence,” which not only offers a creepy, haunting atmosphere through the distortion, it also even hushes for an interlude of proggy bass and guitar. Now that’s talent!

It may not be typical, but this album is still promising. One small step for industrial black metal, one giant step for Styxian Industries.

Self released
Reviewer: devilmetal747

Jan 26, 2011

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Styxian Industries – Salvation Through Deterioration

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  1. Remnants Of The Former Self
  2. Salvation Through Deterioration
  3. Finites Perturbing The True Vacuum
  4. Revise Your Existence
  5. Escaping Reality

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