Subhuman - Profondo Rozzo

Subhuman are a technical Death/Thrash band from Italy which if im honest i had never heard of up until now..... and my god i have missed out!! the album being reviewed here is their recent offering "profondo rozzo" which is packed with stomping song after stomping song.

These guys are awesome! Great production with really chunky riffs, pulverising drums and lethal vocals which i gotta say vary from thrash vocals to guttural death growls. After i got sent this to review, i had to go and check these guys out moreso and im led to believe that this album is self-released but being distributed by Relapse.

Which to be fair seems abit of a departure for Relapse, but its great to see that Relapse is taking on bands like this. One of the stand out things is the guitar playing - its fuckin jaw dropping!

And i gotta say theres something for everyone on this cd, be it death metal, thrash, black metal,whatever, there will be something on this cd for you. The songs are fast,catchy but yet at the same time very technical with shredding solos.  I cant recommend this cd enough to anyone and hey im still listening to it yet, check it out!

1. Profondo Rozzo
2. Nata Troia
3. Trenta Denari
4. Mafia
5. Odio Chiama Odio
6. Babbo Fatale
7. Ll Bersagliere Ha 100 Penne
8. Infamia & Potere
9. 1110 Giorni

Maple Metal Records
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 11, 2009

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