Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition - Inventory Of Fixtures

This band claims no other origin than “France” on their Myspace page and the other band page they have does not work. So I can spread no other information about their home base than that. But in reality, when listening to a band as serious, chop-heavy, and well named as Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, who cares anyway? There have been more and more French metal bands (of all genres) breaking out of those borders (Gojira is probably the most popular) and S C D is surely a primo ambassador. They are heavy and the ba nd’s force erupts with the opening track “Armchair Generals.” Then they switch a bit and create a tune called “Misleading Weapons of Mass destruction” (which one has to think is somehow attentive to debates in the media internationally about the existence or non-existence of WMD in Iraq before the war there) that has a slightly bouncing rock n roll drum and rhythm section accompanied by punk screaming and throaty sick vocals.

The next track, “Natural Apathy,” is a sound that implies far more dead-on destruction. It does not switch styles mid-song, but rather blasts forward and on with an actual guitar tune playing along with it. This is not just heavy music. This is music that is centered on tunes. I am saying I hear songwriting and form built on metal stylings and lots of amazing counterpoint and varied vocalizations. This is a band for the future. As far as I can tell, this is their 3rd album according to information on, 2007 on Bizarre Leprous Production, but I would not be surprised if Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition does not add some noise elements and electronic work to their inventory of song fixtures. I say this because the two best tracks on the CD (they are all excellent in fact), “Theoretical Limit” and “Shackles of Terrorism,” are so explosive, they seem to want to squeeze through their restraints into the non-human.

1. Armchair Generals
2. Go Forth And Multiply
3. Misleading Weapons Of Mass Destruction
4. Natural Apathy
5. Theoretical Limit
6. Harmful Customs And Practices
7. Controlling The Rules Of Unequal Trade
8. Paying For Their Own Oppression
9. Industrial Pragmatism
10. Mainstream Media
11. Shackles Of Terrorism
12. Exploitive Practices
13. Holes Of Oblivion
14. Ethnic Oppression
Bizarre Leprous Productions
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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