Subliritum - A Touch Of Death

Hailing from Norway, Subliritum was founded back in 1999 and released the album “Dark Prophecies” on Evil Horde Records in 2001. Back with a new lineup and label, these melodic black metallers, offer up their second full length release "A Touch of Death".

Right from the start the album is powerful. This album has a lot of death/thrash components to it. Ripping fast drums, hints of death vocals, and thrashy guitar. It also has a hint of the Viking Metal sound, which is no surprise considering they are from Norway. However, there is no mistaking this is Melodic Black Metal with its symphonic melodies and traditional black metal vocals. Lyrically the album is well written and has a lot of depth to it.

The melodies are good, however, the overall flow and blend of the music could be better. Many times the melody and death/thrash components are choppy and smooth transitions are lacking. Many of the guitar solos are on the thrash and heavy metal side of the spectrum and this seems odd to me. Vocally, the growling vocals are strong. You feel as if evil is  spewing from the mouth of a rotting corpse. However, again the symphonic/operatic type background vocals seem to come out of nowhere and, at times, are out of place.

Overall, this is a good release, but could be polished up a bit. I feel a bit more originality and smooth transitions would serve them well on their next release. Fans of melodic black metal will enjoy this album for it's great drum work, nice melodic component, and growling vocals.

1. No Tomorrow
2. Indulgence
3. The Beast
4. Back To Zero
5. Memories
6. Cease To Be
7. Berserk
8. A Touch Of Death