Subliritum - Downfall

Hailing form Norway Subliritum is symphonic black metal influenced heavily by technical death metal and strongly laced with elements of thrash, keeping it all alive since 1998 with "Downfall" being their 3rd full length release.

This band has talent upon talent and keep on bringing their music to higher levels taking the voyage through the veils leading to the core of pure epicness. "Downfall" has a lot going on within each track. The album entire is heavy melody, giving brutal punches where you least expect them and lifts you up through the spiral of time, space and beyond. Each of the 8 tracks within this excellently composed album, is an adventure, a fine marriage of the angelic with the demonic. The guitar work is sublime blended with the vocals simply mesmerized me. As soon as the first track 'Death Of A Sun' starts you are captured and held unto the magick of this album. The drum work here is bashing fury, chaotic yet fully in control. The layout of the drum work is almost military with it's action. This is a disciplined album, serious, aggressive and in total control of everything it's melodies touch.

"Downfall" is one of those album that the more I listen to it the more I am converted to this becoming one of my favorite albums. I can honestly state that this will be one of my top albums for the year. If I can narrow it down to my favorite track it would have to be the 4th track 'Grotesque Wars' but then again it is very hard to say for I find no flaw with this album at all and can listen to each track over and over. This is definitely an album that will bleed your ears out and create conjuring thoughts in the brain, this album is a total mind fuck!

1. Death Of A Sun
2. Choir Of Basphemy
3. Downfall Of Empathy
4. Grotesque Wars
5. Managing Evil
6. Into The Deep
7. Dirt And Stone
8. De Mektige Haller