Subterranean Fecal Root - Anthems Of The Antisocial Underground

Ok here we go, those wackos come from Texas, U.S. this is their first recording and they claim they play "shitgrind".....well you brutalz, i'd say they play "shity grind" because what i listened to is total crap!

first, the sound is awful, bass & guitars are six feet under and what you really hear are drums, vocals and a bunch of endless samples before or inside every track! and let's say we're ok about the samples, but the vocals are really - believe me - really the worst part: the guy sounds like a hip-hop vocalist trying to sing (?) grindcore....i mean you can find (if you dig a lot) some cool riffs in there, but when the vox starts those guys sound like an extreme version of the fucking Bloodhound Gang!!!!

And I really don't give a shit about statements like: "Subterranean Fecal Root...represents deep political activism" and shit like that. I really don't care about any belief or point of view at any subject someone might have, unless the music has something to say!
Subterranean fecal root also say: "Our music is the worst style we could possibly come up with in order to separate ourselves from all of the modern faggotry that has corrupted the underground", well i say fuck that shit! who are you to judge for fuck's sake?! I appreciate their sense of humor but their music is totally useless and totally fucking retarded....fuck off!!

1. Digging A 40 Mile Hole In The Ground To Live In
2. The Systematic Demasculinization Of The Nations
3. Slithering Nectar Bellied Worm Of Gayness
4. Traditional Henpecked Miserable Bastard
5. Pink In The Middle Like Watermelon
6. Set Fire To A Muthafugga
7. Cowardly Sobbing Emo Suckling Upon His Fathers Freshly Used Anal Vibrator
8. Farting A Spinach Loaf On Your Face
9. Teenage Forehead Tenderized By A Mammoth Potbelly
10. Worldwide Dominance Of The Aromatic Cooter Juice Slathering Tuna Slug part 1
11. MDAF equals TFU
12. Synergy Between False Feminism And The Wigger Phenomena
13. Flylipped Swollenbellied Retroabortion
14. Urine Filled Plastic Bottle Highway Litter
15. International Kneejerk Reaction From Statistically Correct Profiles And Stereotypes
16. Stop Referring To Your Suburban Lowrider Gang As A Hardcore Band
17. The Decline Of Personal Standards Instigated The Removal Of Freedom
18. Posing As A Silly Christian To Get A Job And Tons Of Pussy
19. A Secret Chauvinist Meeting With Cheesy Doom Pastries
20. Worldwide Dominance Of The Aromatic Cooter Juice Slathering Tuna Slug part 2
21. Hate Is A Wonderful Thing
22. Reeeeeeee Reeeeeee Reee
23. Morbid Obese Slags Dream Of Tubesteak While Hotties Dream of Ruining Life
24. Coffee Shops And X Tabs Infect Your Brain With Faggotry
25. Historically Accurate Oldschool Death Metal Album Intro Track
26. The Lack Of Railroads And Decent Public Transportation Results In Highway Mass Murders
27. Habanero And Cheap Toilet Paper Irritated Sphinctoral Tissue
28. Mecca Rains Severed Heads With Curry
29. Mirror Cracking Failed Dental Hygiene
30. Worldwide Dominance Of The Aromatic Cooter Juice Slathering Tuna Slug part 3
31. Petroleum Induced Meteorological Nubian Genocide
32. The War Dance Of Umbuli Jumbawa
33. Anyone Can Play Arty Fusion Jazz Metalcore But Nobody Can Make It Sound Heterosexual
34. Worthlessness Finds Carriers In The Weak To Spread American Failure
35. Because Youve Got A Torn Ass
36. Three Dumb Cunts Scurrying Away From My Property
37. Beat The Fuck Out Of Jesus

Self released
Reviewer: Iakhos
Feb 26, 2009

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