Suffering Quota – Life In Disgust

Suffering Quota’s newest release "Life In Disgust" was unleashed on November 2nd of 2018. Coming from the Netherlandish haven of Groningen, Suffering Quota is comprised of René Beukers (guitar), Martin Kah (drums), Stiff Marron (bass and vocals) and Gerard Timmermans (vocals). For their sophomore album Suffering Quota hammer out some punishing grind – what more could we ask for?

As I said, "Life in Disgust" is Suffering Quota’s second album, and it embraces its grindy nature, but its not afraid to shake it up either. 'Apathy' clocks in at 3:46 – epic length for grindcore, and epic with its almost-guitar-solo at the midway point. The way the song slows down to showcase the guitar and then builds back up into some screaming vocals just gets your blood pumping. 'Hate', my personal favorite from the album, has a supremely catchy riff that really cements the song in your skull.

Additionally, 'Cognitive Dissonance' is fifty seconds of the grooviest grinds I’ve ever heard. When followed up by 'Inferiority Complex' you almost get the sensation that this is some sort of hybrid-fusion of groove and grind, but you know what, it works. I’ve been listening to metal for roughly a decade-and-a-half now, but I’m seeing a lot of new combinations and introductions (like JT Ripper’s spooky thrash, or Suffering Quota’s groove grind) and I’m thoroughly excited to see more of it.

Ultimately, I suggest "Life In Disgust" to any grind fan. It’s not particularly groundbreaking, but it does have some solid edges over competitors, and being as new to the scene as they are, I think Suffering Quota are only going to refine these edges into something great. From an overall standpoint I would say this album earns between 3 and 4 stars. It has some really interesting points and mashups, but not in great enough quantity to cement a position of excellence. That said, it is great listening and a solid addition to any grind collection, and I trust Suffering Quota’s next album is going to be truly stellar.


1. Agnosia
2. God Complex
3. Apathy
4. Fear (Of History Repeating)
5. Anger
6. Hate
7. Disgust
8. Cognitive Dissonance
9. Inferiority Complex
10. Thought-Terminating Cliche I
11. Thought-Terminating Cliche II
12. 101