Sulphurous - Encircling Darkness

Sulphurous is a two-men death metal band from Denmark (M - guitars/vocals and T - drums) who present two new songs in the form of the "Encircling Darkness" EP. The band exists since 2008 and has one full-length album "Dolorous Death Knell" from 2018.

What you will hear in this new release is darkened death/doom in the vein of Incantation who seems to be their main influence. There isn't much to be said about an EP that is less than 7 minutes long, guess this is just a foretaste for a planned album. The two tracks have raw underground sound and possess this horror vibe that makes bands such as Coffins or Ruin so special.

In case you enjoy deep underground and extreme metal bands then Sulphurous is not a bad choice to support true art that is not for the masses and comes straight from the black hearts of its creators!

3 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Encircling Darkness
2. Unfathomable Display Of Rotting Creation