Summon – Helios

Portuguese blackened death metallers Summon are back with their third release “Helios” a three track EP on Godz Ov War productions following up their debut full length 2018’s “Parav Il Zilittv” on Iron Bonehead records.

All three tracks are simply called “Helios I – III” so this make for one big piece to listen to in one sitting. Part one bring forth frantic riffing and conjures up a dark dingy atmosphere but doesn’t offer much in stand riffs or memorability. Part 2 if much slower and doomy to begin with but build up into a chaotic hurricane of a track with chanted grunts and slows back down to a punishing slow paced battering. Part 3 is by far the highlight, it’s chaotic to begin with but about 3 minutes in this clean series of notes kicks in which the rest of the song centres round which finishes the EP off nicely.

It’s dark, atmospheric and heavy it gives you a short sharp burst of good death metal in the Incantation style of things with a black metal finish. I assume it’s a taste of things to come and they will follow shortly with another album soon.

3 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Joe Denby

Sep 25, 2020

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Summon – Helios

review Summon – Helios

1. Helios I
2. Helios II
3. Helios III


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