Superstition - The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation

Shit! Remember when the "Surging Throng Of Evil's Might" demo dropped? The DM world shook. Who were these dudes from Sante Fe? Raw, aggressive, old school with a new flair. Heads were stoked when the release of their first full length, "The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation" was announced. We all knew 20 Buck Spin was about to send us a new banger.

Carrying on with the same formula/sound/approach/aggression/etc/etc/etc that we came to love in their demo, this LP does not disappoint. A step up and definitely a better production IMO.

After an eerie intro entitled 'Unholy Transformation Pt. I', Superstition rips right into 'Highly Attuned Beasts Of The Dark'. If I were to make an assumption of their influences, I'd say I hear a little Nocturnus, Morbid Angel and "Rebel Extravaganza" era Satyricon. Not biting styles, just what I hear.....with the sound Superstition wonderfully infected our ears with with their 2018 ripper of a demo. Brutal and intricate riffs, haunting leads, precision/creative drumming, fluid bass lines, demonically delayed vocals. BEAST!

A couple tracks down is another ghastly key "midtro", 'Unholy Transformation Pt. II' that transitions into "Passage Of Nullification". Damn that opening riff!!!! Chunk, heaviness, notes notes notes. The drums shining through HARD! I'm a total sucker for a long riff. I mean, fuck, such mastery in their onslaught of riffs. The ability to crunch an OG DM riff that flows perfectly into an absolute flurry of notes blasting my skull into bits. SICKKKKKK! Fading out with a ghostly lead, This track has definitely swiped the "fave song" title.

As we enter the conclusion of this shredder, another frightening keytro 'Unholy Transformation Pt. III' spills into a hell of an ender (and the longest song on the LP) entitled 'Charnel Pleasures'. Fury. Blasts. Double Bass. Fills. Low end providing more depth to a slew of complex and blazing riffs. All coming to an apocalyptic end in a whirlwind of chilling leads and pummelling fills. Fades out with the sounds, one could only imagine, of a million evil souls being unleashed to terrorize the masses. Sign me up.

This has been quite a listen. I'm beyond stoked I get to see them live this summer. If they're anywhere near you, DEFINITELY go see them. Also, get this LP the second it's released. I know it's soon, but I'm already looking forward to the next release.

Stand out tracks:
'Highly Attuned Beasts Of The Dark'
'Passage Of Nullification'
'Charnel Pleasures'


1. Unholy Transformation Pt. I
2. Highly Attuned Beasts of the Dark
3. Spiritual Sunderance
4. Unholy Transformation Pt. II
5. Passage of Nullification
6. Torn in the Outer Lands
7. Unreclaimed Blood (Phantom Swarm)
8. Unholy Transformation Pt. III
9. Charnel Pleasures