Suppository - Punching Out Reality

The first full length of the Dutch grinders who started out in 1992. Suppository plays intense grindcore in 18 short tracks. The vocalist uses two kind of vomits, the brutal one and the pigscream. The songs are heavy pounding the melodies and the guitars are putting up the barriere of noise. If you like the bands Regurgitate and Agathocles you can add Suppository to your list!

1. Gun At 15
2. Take The Fall
3. Set It Off
4. Surface
5. Diversions
6. Mindbender
7. Ignorance Is Bliss
8. Detonate
9. Failed Heroically
10. Buttons
11. Move On
12. Inner Meltdown
13. Liberation By Tradition
14. Man Made Machine
15. Mockery
16. Excessive Contributor
17. Compulsive Elements
18. For Sale
Forensick Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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