Suppuration - Pain And Suffering

Suppuration is a two member band and it consist of Dying Betus (ex Purulent) and Ivancient (Ancient Necropsy). If you are familiair with those two acts you know what you get. A fucking brutal assault of death grind metal. 11 Tracks that are all in the same vein, ultra fast, deep grunting vocals and sawing guitars. Don't expect some artistic outbursts or exploring romantic fields. This is brutal shit. After hearing the complete album your brain is totally numb and you forgot what you heard. Great powder for extreme maniacs.

1. Cannibal Love
2. Decrepita Masturbacion
3. Depression
4. The Human Flesh
5. Immolation Of The Souls
6. Mutilated Rec
7. Pain And Suffering
8. Noise Cunt
9. Suppuration
10. Whit Hate
11. War Of Hell

Mutilated Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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