Svyatogor - Doctor Veritas

Svyatogor continue with a diverse approach to Black, Death, and Folk Metal on their third effort 'Doctor Veritas.' On one hand the music is very melody focused with a Melodic Death Metal output on tracks like "The Manifesto" where electronic influences can be heard amongst the Black Metal sections and jarring guitar moments that despite seeming fragmented provide a great deal of melody to the music. The title track has more quiet sections, and even from the sounds of the guitars quite jazz fusion based (there is even some saxophone involved). The Folk elements one might typicall expect are a bit less, but there are parts such as backing chanting vocals and clean vocals here and there on a track like "Awoke Incoming" that should have fans appreciating that type of music.

For the averge Metal fan, this may not be what they are expecting. The transition between each sub genre within Svyatogor is not perfecly smooth, with many tracks feeling like they were written at three different times and then put together, such as the track "Lust" which switches between chugging repetition to more flamboyant riffs and then switching to some spoken word samples that seem almost randomly placed. As Avant-garde as this style may be, only those seeking a truly ecclectic collection may find this appealing, whereas the average Metal fan who might be looking for solid continuity may find this a bit too jarring. Still, for those who have followed Svyatogor from the beginning, they will find that the music on 'Doctor Veritas' fits in nicely alongside 'Energy...' There is less of a focus on epics here, but with shorter tracks listeners can feel that the music doesn't drag on as long as they might have complained in the past.


  1. In Memory Of Fallen Heroes
  2. Word Hard. Eat. Watch
  3. The Manifesto
  4. Doctor Veritas
  5. Nor Fire, Nor Sword
  6. Awoke Incoming (Anartic Solitude)
  7. Spit And Forget
  8. Inevitability
  9. La Concupiscence
  10. Reincarnation Of Thoughts

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Sep 5, 2012
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