Svyatogor - With Wolfish Stalks And by Wings Of Black

Dark, Cold Ukrainen Blackness! Svyatogor play black metal that is as unmerciful as war itself! Cold Buzzsaw guitars, rythmic and lighting quick drums, demonic screams! Black metal th way it is supposed to be played. Production is suprisingly clear-not something you hear to often in black metal. Even with the crisp production, music is still loud and ugly hell!! Somber and violent atmospheres run throughout the release, making it something out of the ordinary for this kind of music. All in all-pretty kick ass!! A must have for fans of Possessed and Vital Remains!

1. Darkness Swallowed Up
2. Battle Beyond The Forest
3. Ravens And Wolves
4. Immediate Vengeance
5. War Anthem
6. For The Sake Of Ukraine!!!

Blazing Productions
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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