Swamp - Nuclear Death

Hailing from Greece, this obscure Black / Thrash Metal outfit already came to life back in 2000. The very first release was a limited live demo which was published in 2004, followed by the “Praise The Goat” demo in 2006. Meanwhile the guys of Swamp signed to the Polish label Time Before Time Records and released this MCD entitled “Nuclear Death”. With purchasing this item you get 3 new songs as well as the already mentioned “Praise The Goat” output as a bonus. The new tracks combine Thrash Metal the way it was played in the 80´s with occasional blackened ingredients. So far so good, but unfortunately the sound quality reminds me of muted and powerless cellar or garage recordings. In my opinion the band should have spent some more bucks to use a real studio instead of home equipment or whatever. Well, if you´re into simple riff-ridden Black / Thrash Metal you´ll easily figure out the songs aren´t that bad, but to be honest: the sound quality ruins almost everything. Over long passages the bonus tracks are homogenous and surprises are in short supply. Everything´s quite basic, but it still has a nice aggressive touch which shouldn´t be overlooked. Once again the recording grade is below average, which causes a complete lack of recognition value. This MCD is of course a kick up the ass of nowadays polished music and I´m sure the musicians don´t give a shit about conventions, but this is anything but professional. In fact it´s barely enjoyable.

Recapitulating the facts I come to the conclusion that “Nuclear Death” is only suitable for total underground lunatics or people who simply have to own everything. Nevertheless Black / Thrash supporters might risk an ear to get an idea of Swamps musical vision. Maybe the band is able to capture its aggression with a better sound next time.


  1. Darkness Of The Circle Madness

  2. Tank Attack

  3. Nuclear Death

  4. Funeral / Praise The Goat

  5. Big Bang

  6. Volts Explosion Your Brain

  7. Kamikazze Bomber Angel

Time Before Time Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 6, 2010

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