Swarming - Cacophony Of Ripping Flesh

Rogga Johansson, a name affiliated with countless bands and projects, mr Death Metal as known in some quarters with a insatiable passion and work ethic in terms of his work, but by quality and by volume.

This band features Lasse Pyykko (Hooded Menace) on vocals and guitars and is a compilation of all tracks recorded during the band´s existence so far, including the two tracks from Swarming/Zombie Ritual split that came out a while ago. Although according to some reference sources, this band demised some four years ago, that remains to be seen, I guess the clue is in the album title though!

What you have is death metal, an aggressive form, akin with some of Rogga’s less known projects with a total underground sound that perhaps inhibits some of the energy in the tracks if I be completely outspoken. Vocally there’s a down filthy delivery and the undertone of rotten clearly exists with the only weak spot maybe the drum sound. But delve further into the bowels of tormented rotten flesh, or rather you engage in 'Feasting On Drowned Flesh' then you will get the synopsis of this release. It won’t be that surprising, but you may want to cleanse your rotten soul after the torment that’s portrayed here.

  1. The Hideous Incantation  
  2. Reeking Of The Bowels  
  3. It Came From The Graveyard  
  4. Hacksaw Holiday  
  5. Feasting On Drowned Flesh  
  6. Amputation Frenzy 
  7. Convulsing Into Eternal Doom (from split with Zombie Ritual)
  8. Premature Embalming (from split with Zombie Ritual)