Sweetest Devilry - Funny Human Race

This young new band will support Deicide on their jaunt across Europe this year, although based on the headliners past tour of duties and numerous cancellations over the years we wait with baited breath if it actually comes to pass; I do hope so for this young French band. Classed as a technical melodic death metal band and this immediately gives me the feared impression…yeah you know, “more core than war”, more knobs and twiddles and beeps and squeaks etc…that is until I listen to the track ‘Santa Claus’ and I realise that this is not the next Christmas number one! Keyboards amplify and criminally destroy the intensity of the music which does have a trademark melo-death feel, but very much in the mainstream nature rather than the original melo-death blueprint. The watering of the waters starts when you hear tunes that emulate some gothic black metal bands output from about 13-14 years ago. I hear the guitar riffs in the background, these are cool, the vocals are very much like COB’s Aleksi Laiho’s and I whilst can appreciate the guitarwork, the solos and even the keyed solo during ‘Continue to Ask, Pray’ doesn’t do anything for me, I am really not a fan of this synth dilution in metal. I am not at a Wicked Wytch or a Cradle of Filth theatre show, this sounds very 2000’s and even has some gothic black metal hiding amongst the mainstream. ‘Funny Human Race’ is very dated without any classic flavours to make it relevant to current times with some tracks giving a taste of lesser Children of Bodom material (the title track ‘Funny Human Race’).

For whatever current band these Frenchmen are trying to emulate, for me keyboards/synths kill any intensity and sound that you build up, it waters down the grime and dirt to become a very easy listen made for a wider more mainstream generic audience. I don’t think this music has any balls but for the bands so called technical arrangements that are generally lost in the mix. No matter how talented these Frenchmen are, it’s a little dull and has been done to death on numerous occasions.


  1. Introduction
  2. Santa Claus
  3. Continue To Ask, Pray
  4. Funny Human Race
  5. Dive Into The Ditch
  6. Don’t Cry For The Sea
  7. Forever Strong
  8. Story Of Reaper’s Book



self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 3, 2013

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