Swirl 360 - California Blur

Swirl 360 isn't really something you'd expect here. This means: everyone into underground metal: stop reading. If you're into poprock this might interest you. In search for a catch in every song with basic guitarrock with some melodies and soundeffects and emphasis on the emotional kind of vocals which might remind on some britpop bands. Sound like a soundtrack for a California summer highschool movie with surfer boys and cheerleaders.. So TOTALLY opposite to obscure music and everything BRUTALISM stands for.

1. Oblivion
2. California blur
3. Chemical (my true love)
4. Perfect day
5. See you around
6. Blindside
7. Runway
8. Nothing left
9. My mistake
10. One & only
11. Postcard...wish you were here
12. Light shine
13. Okay

Atenzia records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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