Sworn - The Alleviation

Debut Record on Twilight Vertrieb. Originally insepted by Guitarist Christoffer Kjorsvik, Sworn have desended from Norway to destroy all!! Heavy, thick, guitars wrapped around melodic guitar work. Excellent production, but not so much that it clears away the grit from the music. Still has that raw abusive, warp sound that draws me to this kind of metal. This is one of the most original bands I have heard come out of Norway in some time. There is no copy catting here. These guys are destined to leave there nice scar on the face of the underground. If you like dark, melodic, music (Vesperian Sorrow, Old Mans Child) go grab this today! Fuck Lunch... by this record! You have left overs at home you cheap bastards!!! Again if you like Dark Melodic music, Sworn leaves you in absolute Awe!!

1. Alleviation
2. Heart of Decay
3. Silhouettes of a Broken World
4. Derived
5. Crow of Passage
6. Vivid Visions
7. The Beauty of my Funeral

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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