Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment

I remember picking up the LP, "Cosmic Void", and adding it to a playlist. I went on a trip and put the playlist on shuffle. It was cool, cuz I wasn't too familiar with some of the bands on this newly crafted list. I, however, do remember a few stand out songs throughout the trip, checking the list and seeing it was Sxuperion. I was impressed with the speed and pure fury. I was into their brand of death/black metal. They seemed to have more weight than several bands from that sub genre. Then, HOLY SHIT, as I researched California's Sxuperion, I was even more floored to find out this band is just one dude. Now, on to the upcoming full length, "Endless Spiritual Embodiment".

'Sacred Chamber Of The Enlightenment' begins the album. I can't help but have Vader come to mind with the opening riff. The tone, speed, drums, raw aggression and more. But, honestly, I find this more interesting. This is a rifftastic blast voyage accompanied by haunting growls. After being whipped around with the furious tremelos, heavy riffs, blasts, double bass, growls is a short section that adds to the overall feel of the tune. For maybe 45 seconds - eerie notes, inaudible (perhaps sampled) screams promote a visual imagery to intensify the journey of this thick opener. As this section fades, another precision blast beat leads back into, what I'll call, the verse riff straight into an old school DM banger riff with solid double bass and perfectly placed pinch harmonics 🙂. The song continues and fades with a flurry of colossal riffs and infectious double bass. One thing that got me at first was the sparse vocals. But after a few listens, I was into it. The music can hold it's own and the well positioned growl can go a long way.

Next songs , we have 'Phallic Point Of Periapsis'. Savage beginning! Later Mayhem may come to mind. Not biting, just approach. The blistering riff perfectly paired with solid blast, fills, variations of beats... Something I could see from Blaspherer and Hellhammer. It can set you in a panic or whip you into submission. Either way, DAMN, it's powerful. Another mood setting mid section of imagery with ghostly sounds and evil samples. Which makes it THAT MUCH HEAVIER when the lashing breaks back in. I find there to be some of my favorite riffs in this song and as credited, "Matthew" lays down more vocals in this tune as well.

Rounding out a killer follow up to "Cosmic Void" is the track 'Endless Embodiment'. The longest track of the album, clocking in at 10 1/2 minutes. Fades in with an ominous dissonant riff and crushing double bass. Another (addictive) mood building section of trance like sounds tom hits is quickly thrown in the mix as we set off for an intense ride. Blasting back in a storm of speed tremeolos, lightning drums, ghastly growls. It is truly consuming. This song could almost be broken into chapters yet it all flows as one. Blasts, riffs, double bass, riffs, slower, riffs all with an advanced/current sound of old Norway. I may sense a little Satyricon too, which more of a death metal influence. The final few minutes of this banger fade out in a majestic/frightening hypnotic state of of dismal sounds and gloomy samples. I really started to become attached to these parts as they add to the force of each tune. I would definitely like to see these songs performed live. Well designed and executed, Sxuperion!

Stand out tracks
'Sacred Chamber Of The Enlightenment'
'Phallic Point Of Periapsis'


1. Sacred Chamber Of Enlightement
2. Phallic Point Of Periapsis
3. Negative Interior Intersection
4. Supposition Course
5. Infinite Ethereal Vault
6. Endless Embodiment

Reviewer: alexcopeland
Jun 5, 2019
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