Sxuperion - Omniscient Pulse

Sxuperion have been known to put out some pretty deep and fathomless releases and “Omniscient Pulse” is no different. The ambient factors are there, placed in a meticulous manner in which they are most beneficial to the material, invoking vibes and emotions all across the death/black metal spectrum. The riffs are of the chuggish fashion, once again being influenced, or rather, having the vibes of bands like Immolation and Incantation, with a little bit on Disembowelment to keep things fluent despite the changes in rhythm. I also pick up on a little bit of a Symphony of Grief vibe only a little faster in delivery. What is interesting about Sxuperion is that they have all these vibes and influences, yet they have found the formula in creating their own sound. Some might suggest it’s from the ambient parts of the songs while others might say it’s from how the vibes and influences are constructed and played.

From my perspective, I believe it to be both. A lot of time and skill are put into Sxuperion and the releases, so much so that you’d think that the band is completely pro with their releases. Well, no. Sxuperion is a DIY band, but you wouldn’t know it by the sound of their releases. That being said, the pride and professionalism of this band goes to show the end result for this extreme metal art. The passion for this art follows close behind, and when you hear the first notes of a new release, we are guaranteed to be hearing quality music from a band who knows how to manipulate the key elements of multiple mental genres without forsaking them in order to create mesmerizing and etherial works of art.

The only thing wrong here is that this release is limited to 100 copies, so if this type of metal interests you, get in contact with the band for info on availability for this and other releases. I highly recommend any Sxuperion release to anyone interested in checking out a unique band with a unique approach in the art of extreme metal. If you are into any of the bands mentioned earlier, then you will more than likely dig Sxuperion!

5 / 5 STARS 

1. Owl
2. Death (Bussard Ramjet Malfunction)
3. Planet Crusher - Defeating The Holy Emperor
4. Presque-Vu
5. Omniscient Pulse
6. Betrothed Catacombs
7. A New Universe Awaits (Burning The Cloth)
8. Myopian Frequency Release