Sycronomica - Syroscope

The opening for this album is easy to get into which is not nessesaraly a good thing but is at the least intrigueing and leading hitherly to something I would be listening to on my hoarses CD player while choping down a battle field. The music seems to sit between battle metal and more typical black metal. The singing is certainly one of the strongest qualitys and the least being the phased guitars which givin the overall tone do the music few favours. I will admit battle metal is far from me to comment but as far as the basics go this album coul certainly be improved. Starting with the synth and ending in a epic and aggressive album.

1. Preludium III
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Realm Of Dust And Ashes
4. The Call
5. An Der Schwelle
6. Nebelgestalt
7. Embers
8. Ground On Fire
9. Geleit Ins Moor

Silverwolf Productions
Reviewer: Skaven
Oct 16, 2009

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