Symbolyc – Engraved Flesh

I have never heard this band from Italy but now I must say that Symbolyc are without any doubt a new promise in the extreme metal scene of their country and that Engraved Flesh is a really good first force: nine tracks of a violent death metal influenced  by Deicide, Obituary, a little touch of Soilwork and a good dose of Behemoth. As you can understand we are right in the middle between the Us style and the European way of playing and the mixture is well directed and expressed: the guys have good technical skills and they know how to use them, the composition is good and enough mature (even if it’s no perfect), the guitar solos are interesting and wonderful and a last positive note must be for a killer above average singer. Obviously the album is not always so strong and, in my opinion, the shadow of the Polish gods is sometimes still too evident: but don’t forget that we are talking about a debut album and believe me when I say that not many extreme bands have started in this positive way.

1. Dead Inside
2. Within The Realms Of Human Awareness
3. Wingless
4. Suffering
5. Denied
6. Livin’In A Cold Lie
7. Oncoming Apocalypse
8. Engraved Flesh (instrumental)
9. The Parasite’s Curse
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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