Symbtomy - Demo #1

International old school death metal band, Symbtomy from Czechia/United Kingdom have released their first demo album which is called actually "Demo #1" on September 9th, 2020. They've released their stuff through digital and tape.

At first when you start listening to the 3 tracks, it seems like you're listening to the band Entombed which basically it is like them. But when you go further, you find some special signatures of them and it shows that they're talented, good and they can be a history maker in the future if they find their own signature.

The first track, you can hear some melodic sections which are like many other melodic death metal section (sentence or whatever you call it) you have heard by the other bands like Amon Amarth but these parts of this band (Symbtomy) is good but could be better.

In 'The Taste Of Human Trophy' you can hear good harsh voice of the vocalist. The main guitar riff in this track is good (the melodic one) and solo parts are good.

Third track, '...And The Knife Cut Surgically', has a good sound of the synthesizer (pad or keyboard). Drum blast sections are heavy and nice and speedy guitar solos are magnificent. Technically, this track is my favorite song of this demo.

Generally, vocalist's voice is heavy, harsh and it shows that he has skills and abilities. Guitar's effects should be changed for next future stuff (it's not a force issue… it's just because their stuff looks like many other similar bands). But the good part of that is the guitarist is talented and able to do much more better metal. Bassist should show her ability more but she was fine for this demo stuff. They really have to change their drum lines and try to find somebody who can play live and record it at studio or do the programming better.

Vocals are good. Actually the best part of this demo are the vocals, guitar riffs are not bad but as I mentioned before, they're repetitive and like the other bands, guitar solos are perfect and you can feel good about them but drum programming is not good at all in my opinion. On this demo there are guest appearances of Štěpán on drums (Poppy Seed Grinder), Adis on bass (Elysium), Frank (ex-Garbage Disposal) and, more interestingly, even by cult names from abroad, such as Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh), Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) and Johan Jansson (Interment).

In my opinion as a death metal fan, I'm looking to find and listen to good, new and specific music. Even if your songs are not my type of music taste, I would give them credit. But copied music, not at all.

Hope to hear more of them in the future.

2 / 5 STARS 


1. The Sounds Of Perverse Thoughts
2. The Taste Of Human Trophy
3. ...And The Knife Cut Surgically