SYMM37R1C D15ORD3R - 3 song PROMO

SYMM37R1C D15ORD3R (Italy) give us a 3 song preview of their full length album B10M3CHAN1CAL NON5ENS3 CONN3CT10NS.... this is powerfull melodic deathmetal with influences from the well-known swedish (gothenburg) style. Songs are quite varied (at least these 3) and flood from massive thrashing melodic speedy guitarattacks to easy melancholic doom parts. Guitars also have sweeping leadparts on top of the riffs and synchronized harmonic parts. Drums are tight and define great tempos in the songs. Vocals are flowing between screaming and grunting, perfect for this style. Production is massive and clear so these guys should easily find a nice label to release their full length!!!

1. Bru7al
2. Abstraction of the 5elf
3. Rain of dr3ams

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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