Synapses - Expiation

Short piano intro and the following sonic outbirst of insnane double-bass drumming and chugging guitars hits you right in the face. The guys we are dealing with come from Brescia in Italy,their band is called Synapses and "Expiation" is their debut album. Take one half of technical death/grind in the US style and the other half let it be some Meshuggah polyrhytmic madness. Mix the two halves in one,add excellent musicianship and decent production and the final result is called "Expiation".
Riccardo Fanara is a high-class drummer and impresses with precise grinding swaths and fast double-bass drumming. Alessio Fassoli (guitars) and Giordano Savoli (bass) deliver awesome riffing on their instruments and especially the pounding bass sound suits perfectly to Synapses' music. The fourth element in "Expiation" are Giovanni Canedoli's vocals which are nothing but deep growls with some higher screams here and there. In case you like the last Decapitated record,still listen to your old Gorguts records and Meshuggash doesn't make you puke,then you should definitely give an ear to Synapses. Tracks like "The Iron Stream","Rapture Of Terror" or "Blood In My Dreams" will surely make you move. The production is on a very good level you will fully enjoy the whole power and aggression of Synapses' music. But be prepared to listen to this album several times in order to discover its moments. Synpases' music is far from the simple verse-chorus-verse scheme and it takes some time to grow in your mind. But believe me - your time will not be wasted with this album. "Expiation" is one impressive debut record and I'm waiting curiously to see where the band will go from here.


1. The Iron Stream
2. No Ruins Left Behind
3. Rapture Of Terror
4. Assault Of The Weak
5. Under The vault Of The Hands Of God
6. Tower Of Flesh
7. Wearing Your Body
8. Blood In My Dreams
9. Deformed Trunk
10.The Curse Of Extinction

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Nov 12, 2012

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