Syn:Drom - Iconoclasm

Syn:Drom was formed in Sundsvall Sweden in 2002 with the intention of making superb death metal the way the members like it! In 2006 after a couple of years of demo recordings the self-released EP “Birth Of A Dark Empire” got to see the light of day. The sound had developed into a concrete wall of brutal death metal with a mix of both European and American sound. On April 30th 2010 the debut album “With Flesh Unbound” was released. On February 15th 2013 the mighty “Iconoclasm” was released by ViciSolum Productions.

Black Dawn
A superb start for this Swedish quintet the driving force of brutality just ravages the ears with utter abandon. This will change if not distort your world as its plundering rhythms set to work. Thought provokingly inspiring.

A Silent Void
Anything but silent! Its intensity is apparent and will satisfy the brutal hunger deep within you. It holds amazing riffs that drive ferociously through the weakened heart with a rhythmic drumming that will make you spontaneously combust.

Cold Existence
Fast and scathing and also simultaneously stubborn and unrelenting in sound. It gathers a healthy pace and then slows into a grinding melodic phase before building to an extreme altitude of splendour. Kick beats just so powerful engage with guttural connotations.

The Filth Unmasked
Ripping into the next track this is not the time to sit on your laurels it will not let you for starters as it engages in more of the guttural cookie monster style vocals and damming kick beats that sound like a frenzied madman shooting an automatic weapon. No bullshit just 100 death metal!

Solitude Breeds Death
The pure power of this track is mesmerising as it kicks off into a scourge of evil rhythms and tenacious blast beats, cutting through the tender flesh of the un- witting listener and putting their own artistic impression into the mix. Tight, professional and controlled and it begs you to bang your head!

13th Serpent
An unholy helping of chaos and madness spews forth with equally impressive frenzied pummelling beats and high velocity riffage creating a sound that has a high degree of bad ass attitude.

Scathing and raw it majestically summons up an evil intensity as it quite blatantly rips your ears off – this is bone tingling bad ass! A constant rhythm is nailed to perfection whilst the vocalist does amazing things exercising his well-oiled vocal chords and the guitarist shreds the living hell out of his instrument with utter abandon. This track eats and breathes carnal lust.

Through Divine Intoxication
Regimented drumming breathes life into the track whilst the guttural gymnastics leave nothing to chance and a frenzied array of riffs come surging through the speakers. It never loses its anger and attacks with extreme ferocity giving the ears a good old lashing and who better than the Swedes to do it!

Iconoclastic View
Atmospheric beginning shows a nice hint of diversity. Its winding rhythms interlock with more ferocious riffs and a sparse isolated drum beat follows that eerily wanders the musical scale of diversity with a vengeance. Definitely one to listen to for a second if not a third.

Imposing As Gods Amongst Men
The walls will literally shake as this comes out of the speakers like blood from an open stab wound. Heavy metal riffery again comes into play here with the vocal array simply breath taking and inspirationally superb.

Not a single track on this album is duff. It holds a corrosive symphony of molten metal riffs with equally powerful damming blast beats that will knock you into next week and probably the week after! The guttural gymnastics are fantastic especially on “Imposing As Gods Amongst men!” Nobody could take anything away from Syn:Drom this is Swedish Death Metal at its utter best!

This band have indeed earned a right to be in your metal collection and I urge you to buy these ten tracks of sheer perfection.  Each song perfectly created and carved into the mammoth classic sound that is Syn:Drom – Not surprised it immediately praised worldwide - get it now before it gets you!


1. Black Dawn
2. A Silent Void
3. Cold Existence
4. The Filth Unmasked
5. Solitude Breeds Death
6. 13th Serpent
7. Reversion
8. Through Divine Intoxication
9. Iconoclastic View
10. Imposing As Gods Amongst Men