Syn:Drom - With Flesh Unbound

Syn:drom are a monster of a band originating from the lands of the vikings, sweden. Although i have to say, the name somewhat made my face screw up in a little bit of apprehension. Normally when i see these types of names in bands, they arnt what i listen to at all. But not these guys. They were a very pleasant surprise. The metal these guys produce is unrelenting and packs a mean punch! It doesnt let up for one second.

However i will say if your not a fan of technical death metal then stop reading right now as this isnt for you. The muscianship of this recording is second to none. Absolutely bludgeoning drumming with non-stop double bass and blasts, chunky riffs and searing leads with some of the angriest but very pronounced and clear vocals ive heard in a bit. They were their influences on the sleeves with most apparent ones being Hate Eternal, Vader, Behemoth and Nile. That saying i can also hear slight hints of strapping young lad and even meshuggah which to me can only be  a good thing. But when all is said i done, everyone out there has heard it all before. but does it stand out amongst its peers? Its quite a hard one to say because obviously they are not on the same label as their peers and without the same backing but i would quite happily say this shitson the last offerings from Hate Eternal, Vader and Behemoth (not Nile though hahhaha). The songs are very catchy and groovy despite its blast blast blast formula. As i said previously it doesnt let up to much and there isnt any room for breakdowns( well there is the ocassional one ala Nile) but there certainly is enough to keep the average death metal fan very interested. It has to be mentioned that the syn:drom boys enginneered and mixed this recording themselves and it trully has to be commended as the production is sterling. Every instrument cuts in the mix just beautifully! I will admit that this cd has taken up residency in my car and im pretty sure it will be there for a lil while enetertaining me on
my way to work. Really diggin` this cd alot and i would recommend it not just to fans of tech-death metal but to any death metal fan for it most definitely has to be heard. Brutal

1. Intro (Devoured) 
2. Scorned Messiah 
3. The Marked One
4. Obsolete Gods 
5. In Utter Contempt
6. Trapped Beyond 
7. A New World Order
8. Smashing The Face Of Belief
9. Hands Of Vengeance 
10. Winds Of Disease

Vicisolum Productions
Reviewer: Connor
Jun 17, 2010

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