Synkletos – Spiritual Alchemy

Formed in 1995, Synkletos, who hail from Russia, delivers an interesting concept of melodic death metal on their newest release, ‘Spiritual Alchemy.’ Even more interesting is they released the demo for ‘Spiritual Alchemy’ in 2002. Good things take time, I suppose.

The complexity of ‘Spiritual Alchemy’ is stellar to say the least. The soothing strings and keyboards that open the recording are meditative in state which does not prime for the vocals that come next. With such a complex intertwining of instruments, one might expect actual singing for the most part or maybe screaming (Lamb of God style), but in comes the ravaging growls of lead vocalist, Demiurgos. It took me a second listen to absorb the vocals of this album, but once I did, I found it to be trance-like.

On tracks like ‘The Elementals’ and the following track ‘Turn of the Year,’ there are so many layers of instrumental splendor one could actually feel the music. Listening to music and feeling music are two separate entities and it takes a special kind of musician (in this case two musicians) to make that happen. In fact, the entire middle of the album is anything but death metal. Even when the vocals chime in the middle of ‘Rain of Eternal Darkness,’ it isn't over the top. It is almost erotically evil.

If you like melodic death metal, this is definitely one to add to your collection. ‘Spiritual Alchemy’ is a beautifully mastered album.

1. Wind Days
2. Golden Fields Of Creation
3. The Elementals
4. Turn Of The Year
5. Rain Of Eternal Distress
6. The Ascent
7. Spiritual Alchemy
8. Contemplation

Self released
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Jul 15, 2013

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