Syphor - For What Remains

Hailing from Dublin city, Ireland a place enriched with musical history and an overlooked metal scene. Syphor are currently making waves and this their second full length is looking cement their place in the scene and show they are a force to be reckoned with.

Syphor walk that fine thread between death and thrash Metal and they walk that thread well because it's easy to fall into a trap of neither being one or the other and ultimately pleasing no one. Syphor manage to keep things interesting offering the energy and technicality of thrash and the darkness of death metal. Think later day At The Gates.

It's an enjoyable album it grows with repeated listens. The band show they have the needed chops to have half a chance in the ever increasing competitive metal world. It however has it's faults. The production lets the band down. It sounds flat in places and from what you can hear you can tell it hasn't captured the atmosphere of the bands live show which is a shame. Also the vocalist Dan Golding has a raspy scream and basically sounds like he should be in a black metal band. He reminds me of Pest from Gogoroth. This isn't in any way a bad thing but the music and vocals don't quite match, in places yes but on the whole it's not quite right. If the band up the ante on the extreme side of things to match the vocals or Dan tones things down slightly they may achieve a bit more balance.

The good however does outweigh the bad. Theres some great songs opener 'Inferno' for example is a slice of Testament - Gathering-era Thrash. 'Reckoning' has a blistering introduction and is filled with hooks. 'Genocide Insane' and 'Thrust To The grave' are highlights. Guitarists Daragh Brennan and Franco Bournocre are a great team. The album is peppered with great leads and some fantastic solos.

All the parts are in place Syphor have got it all going for them and "For What Remains" is full of promise. If you want to explore the underground (which you should!) and fancy a slice of darkened thrash you can go far wrong here. Safely store this under "ones to watch."

1. Inferno
2. Reckoning
3. Frozen Soul
4. Genocide Insane
5. For What Remains
6. Evolution Of Aggression
7. Thrust To The Grave
8. Promises Granted Too Late
9. Pulpits & Effigies Burn
10.  My Throne To Be
11. The Punisher (bonus)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 7, 2013

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