Syron Vanes - Property Of...

This is the real deal!!  All Bow before SV.  One of Swedens Hardest Hitting, and Longest running bands!  SV has been setting the standard for Heavy Metal since 1981. Age, time, changing trends, none of these things have  slowed down, or changed course for SV!  Real Heavy Metal performed with passion and integrity forged through nearly 3 decades of blood,sweat,shows,sacrifce,and I am sure a few beers in between.  A must have for fans of Judas Priest, early Fates Warning, and all other bands that produce kick ass quality Heavy Fucking Metal!

1. Wild
2. All Forbidden
3. Doctor
4. Get Out
5. Higher
6. Problem
7. Rough Trade
8. Sinner
9. Voodoo Doll
10. Want Me

Self released
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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