Tales Of Blood - Stuffing The Graveyard

I knew nothing about Tales Of Blood before Twan sent their debut LP "Stuffing The Graveyard". I jammed the first track, 'Dissect And Murder', and felt transported back in time. In a good way. OSDM!!!!!

Now, I had to do some research and find out who these dudes are. Hailing from Paris, France... looks like they got together for a short while in '93. Then again '98-'00 (as Bloodbath), still yet to release any material. Under the name "Tales Of Blood", they released the demo, "Range Of Gore", in '02 and the EP, "Horrors Of The Flesh", in '06. Now on to their first full length, "Stuffing The Graveyard".

Right out the gate, it's raw, punishing, aggressive, and doesn't give up. Opening with, 'Dissect And Murder', AND NOT COMPARING (maybe a little), you get the feel of "Eaten Back To Life" Cannibal. The organic thrashing/grooving/d beat old school DM riffs, solid drumming, heavy low end and pained throaty growls. SICK

My fave track is just a couple away. Starting with a heavy heavy groovin' OG DM riff as well as a hook bellowing out the song title, 'Vacant Slaughter Job'. I can't get over the OSDM sound. The recording, the riffs, vocals.. all of it. Then I keep reminding myself they got their start in '93. Maybe even a little Bolt Thrower thrown in. All the while, having their own sound. NICE!

Man oh man, 'Pregnant And Cut To Pieces', is a terrifyingly beautiful ride. Intro'd by a somber riff with a killer underlying bass line. The second they cut from the intro, it's pure brutality. Heavy guitar and bass accompanied by thumping relentless drums AND those vocals. A little over 2 minutes in, the thrashing really begins. The pace is picked up. Thrash beats, fast double bass, unforgiving riffs with pinch harmonics (YES). Then back into the somber intro section back to the thrashin. All so fast. What happened? Pow, the end. Yeoww. Bad ass!

Let's head to the instrumental ender, 'Mortuary Breath'. I'm a sucker for instrumental ends to albums. They deliver a heavy slow paced apocalyptic voyage creating a solid way to close out their first LP.

Tales Of Blood give us a raw/no frills album. I must admit that the songs I'm in to, I'm really stoked on. There are a couple sleepers on this LP. But all in all a solid first offering.

Stand out tracks:
'Dissect And Murder'
'Vacant Slaughter Job'
'Severe Bend To Kill'

1. Dissect And Murder
2. You Die Next
3. Vacant Slaughter Job
4. Stuffing Streaming
5. Post Mortem Barbarity
6. Sadistic Force Feeding
7. Severe Bend To Kill
8. Getting Dead
9. Pregnant And Cut To Pieces
10. Mortuary Breath
11. Aux Chiottes