Tanatossis - The Darkest Reflections

Spanish Thrashers are sometimes rare in the public eye when you’re not local to the countries scene; Tanatossis have a few previous releases under their belt. Striking artwork welcomes the listener initially, as you step inside their world in musical terms, does it really hold any regard at all? They take guitar melodies and mix it up with some standard thrash exercises, musically thundering into action, vocally, quite raspy, and a little annoying at times. Tunes such as ‘Addicted to Violence’ prove a good influence of modern day Kreator, Evile (without the delivery) or Destruction, the melody in the breakdowns match the head banging thrash assault, guitar fills are strong and prolific, whilst the arrangements sit comfortably in any thrash fans pallet. The production is rather powerful, but can in some places suffer from the lack of boost, or in your face “listen to this” action. Having said this, ‘Endless Fright’ gives good accounts of the talent they have, the vocals again are just that bit annoying coming from the throat rather than the stomach. But for all the criticisms of this band, in reality they are of a standard that some of the bigger names trade off and have done for years, with the right live shows and promotion, they could be a band to take note of, although the new wave of thrash boat has already sailed over the past few years.

‘The Darkest Reflections’ is a strong album, but I would not be spinning time and time again, the album will get lost in the “also-ran” category, there needs that little bit more individuality in the music to come to the forefront, ‘The Darkest Reflections’ sits back and goes for the ride too much, even though it is a good release, but Tanatossis are a band worth considering even if they are not going to take over the world in musical terms.

  1. The Fall Of The Fifth Sun
  2. The Cholera Of The World
  3. Addicted To Violence
  4. Nuclear Waste
  5. Endless Fight
  6. Light Of My Darkness
  7. Fucking Life Goes On
  8. Mountain Of Water
  9. Acid In My Arteries
  10. Torturer’s Lullaby
  11. Oscura Pasion