Tankard - The Beauty And The Beer

If you follow the thrash scene for a long time you must have heard from German thrashers Tankard. In 2007 they are 25 yearsmixing beer and metal. Again packed with a great cover artwork the album is full of catchy thrash songs with chorus lines you can sing a long with. Fast headbangers or fist raising mid tempo. Lyrically very down to earth and straight out of the pub but recon to all of us. So what do you want more. A six pack in the fridge, cd in the player and volume up, a perfect combination!

1. We Still Drink The old Ways (radio edit)
2. The Beauty And The Beast (radio edit)
3. Ice-Olation
4. We Still Drink The Old Ways
5. Forsaken World
6. Rockstars No 1
7. The Beauty And The Beast
8. Blue Rage. Black Redemption
9. Frankfurt- We Need More Beer
10. Metaltometal
11. Dirty Digger
12. Shaken Not Stired

AFM Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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