Tarre - Unheil Fan 'e Klaai

Hailing from Friesland in the Netherlands is Tarre (which means tar or pitch in the Frisian language, and yes the Frisian have their own language and it is not to be named Dutch, haha). This band brings you doom and sludge metal in their purest form. Tarre is active since 2016. Although the band is relatively new, some of the members already have a long musical history behind them (Autumn, Pander and Internal Putrefaction).

"Unheil Fan 'e Klaai" (2019) is their debut and it sounds really heavy. As soon as the first song starts the groove and heaviness take you away. The first song is sung in Frisian, so I do not understand any of it, but the music is good enough for me. The rest is in English, so that makes it a bit easier to follow. The guitar riffs remind me a lot of Cathedral mixed with Monolord and Victor Griffin fused riffs. The nice thing about the riffs is that they are tuned very heavy and they constantly groove; a good mix of sludge, stoner and doom. The bass is very heavy tuned (as it should be in this genre) and well mixed into the music. It gives the songs a big punch! The drums are very nice and slow, but also groove like hell. The vocals are clean and remind a lot of Bobby Liebling (Pentagram) versus Steve Janaik (Apostle Of Solitude). But then with the right dose of effect on the vocals.

The composition and production of this album are perfect. The songs are long and every single one keeps your head moving to the groove. The production is also very balanced. Every element is well sort of and that is exactly what you want to hear on a good and solid doom album. 7 songs that will take you away for 01:05:29 minutes and do not get boring. Very well done.

Favorite track for me is absolutely the last track 'Baptizing The Dead', because it’s long, groovy with a nice nasty vibe. This album is released by Big Bad Wolf Records and Headbangers Records. I think we are going to hear a lot from this band. Really digging it! Are you into doom sludge stoner? Then this album is well worth your attention.


1. Unheil Fan 'e Klaai
2. The Endless Pilgrimage
3. Global Fungus
4. Your Skin Fits Me
5. Repulsive Vanity
6. Never Bloom
7. Baptizing The Dead