Teitan - Vákuum

For those looking for a rather esoteric sound in black metal, solo artist Marquis and his band Teitan present a haphazard sound akin to the like of mid era Mayhem and Deathspell Omega with his new EP “Vákuum.” There are only 5 tracks here but each one is rich in varied sound, so there is tons of depth to the music.

‘The Grinding Teeth Of The Wheel Of Time’ uses a Deathpell Omega styled instrumentation with Atilla inspired Mayhem vocals for a dark atmospheric approach. Other tracks like ‘Become The Lunar Sky’ have a more straightforward guitar approach but throw a curveball with the vocals, adding in layered clean spoken passages, creepy sing-song lines, and overall a sound that defies the traditional conventions of black metal for an evil sound that hits harder than the drums.

‘Je Vois La Fin’ is quieter with jazzy influences and sounds a bit more like Blut Aus Nord, and the shift in tone makes one really pay attention more, especially with the soft orchestral elements at the end. ‘Metempsychosis’ adds in throat singing before exploding into the traditional black metal style heard on the first track. Again, Marquis demonstrates a wide variety of elements to grab listeners and show he can do something different with every track.

The closing ‘Description Of The Passing’ is more instrumental with echoing vocals, very simple guitar notes, and a different approach to what most might be used to from Teitan so far. The music hisses, crawls, and while not featuring any shrieking vocals or tremolo picking with a raw attitude, features s scarier tone than a lot of the other black metal out there. It is grim, but not quite kvlt grim.

Overall, the music leaves listeners wanting more, and it is shame there are not more tracks to show it. Still, with only 5 tracks this varied listeners should be excited with what Marquis can do with a full length album. It is wonderous, all over the place, but still sounds like it flows well enough together rather than so juxtaposition that listeners won’t be quite sure what to make of it.

4 / 5 STARS

1. The Grinding Teeth Of The Wheel Of Time
2. Become The Lunar Sky
3. Je Vois La Fin
4. Metempsychosis
5. Description Of The Passing