Tellurion – Tellurion

The first full length album by Netherland rockers Tellurion, where they bring an original approach of classic thrash/groove metal with hints of metalcore and “djent-y” rhythms. This release is a fun and capable album that is a blast from the first track to the last. There isn’t a breather track where the mood settles for say an acoustic ballad or other, which I actually preferred they left out as I didn’t want these bouncy and groovy rhythms to end. There’s a lot of classic riff-age to be found on this release such as the wicked pinch harmonics and the inducing palm-muted riffs. It takes you back to the days of Pantera and Machine Head where monster riffs such as these were constructed.

The collaboration they pull off with these awesome riffs paired with the technical rhythms (at parts) and quite excessive breakdowns work masterfully, it’s like the love child of Pantera and Killswitch Engage! It’s great to see a classic heavy metal/groove riff being paired with the likes of technicality and riffs from the modern day and age in metal. Some may criticize the breakdown usage in this album but personally I thought they were welcome to stay.

Vocals sounded extremely reminiscent of Max Cavalera and if I was to be shown this band’s music without knowing the name I would’ve guessed it was a new Soulfy album, and that isn’t a bad thing at all! The cleans were also a great addition, the melodies were very much appreciated over the pummelling guitar, bass and drum work on the album. Tellurion’s first effort has proved to be very worthy and the only criticism I can give the album is that parts can sound a little too similar and needed a bit more diversity. Other than that, this album is a headbanger’s ball and is sure to suit the likes of old school metalheads and new ones alike, great job guys!

  1. Apex Predator
  2. Left For Dead
  3. Stones Break The Water
  4. The Architect
  5. Mountains Crumble
  6. Portal Of The Sun
  7. The Gift
  8. 22-7
  9. Ruined

Self released
Reviewer: Samuel Worsfold
Jul 28, 2015

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