Tempesta - Scusate Per Il Sangue

This is an Italian tongued heavy metal themed release, from a band that formed way back in 1992; the immediate limiting factor for this album is that it is sung in their native Italian, with previous releases being in English. I am all for feeling and fans getting into the music, hence the reason why it was decided to release this CD in Italian, but that is really going to limit your bands appeal worldwide. This is a brave decision I grant you that, but unfortunately it is a challenging one for the average non-Italian speaking metal head, especially for this style. Other genres can get away with it as they can rely on the anger and aggression of their music, but this album sounds like it has a cool message, I just don’t have the time to translate the entire release. Aside from this, the music and arrangements are very happening; they are very tight, energetic but still have enough emotive flavour to compare them to the song writing styles of the likes of Iced Earth and other power metal styled bands.

Whilst strictly not power metal, there are plenty of nods to that scene, as they are to the hard rock and traditional metal fields in general. A track like ‘Idiocracy’ has a power metal & melodic thrash tinge to it, with some tight riffing and also has slight progressive riffing, by that I mean the guitars are very busy with the arrangement consisting of a couple of time changes leading to a more atmospheric number with a nice opportunity for fist pumping in the middle of the track.

‘La Paura del Diverso’ begins with a haunting acoustic style, the drumming is almost like an army’s drummer boy, very militaristic, then this figures very much like a slower power metal semi-ballad. Again, the music is rather riffy, complex with some nice dynamics in the twin guitar tracking, with an overall feeling of epic without being overly or deliberately so. Then moving onto ‘I Cani del Padrone’ its fair to say that this would fit well with Dream Theater fans, basically most metal fans of this particular style. There are certainly some cool melodic thrash and power metal passages, the guitarist are extremely busy and the undercurrent of precision and delivery makes this a damn fine release in truth, but unfortunately falls flat with the Italian sung lyrics.

  1. Crollerà Il Cielo
  2. Scusate Per Il Sangue
  3. Idiocracy
  4. Imperi Di Sabbia
  5. I Cani Del Padrone
  6. La Paura Del Diverso
  7. La Legge È Uguale Per Tutti
  8. Non Siamo Numeri
  9. Radici Nel Cemento
  10. Mentre Tu Dormi
  11. Sparami Sul Viso

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 10, 2014

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