Templarius - Beyond The Legend

The band has just thrown MCD Beyond The Legends. MCD was thrown with vocalist David Blackmore, but David no longer its part of the line up of the group. The new vocalist is Inis Leahy. Initially an intro is executed (that that is something current), but it was good. David Blackmore has an excellent one vocal, your diction is great, however it doesn't transmit feeling and raisin to the listener a little of insecurity when singing. The interesting fact is as the members do everything in way well dosed, I weigh, melody, speed, everything in way well structured. They are included in the CD tracks multimedia, live video of Fight Goes Life, unpublished pictures of the members, complete release... TemplariuS one of the best or maybe the best band of Heavy Metal from Bahia.

1. Saint’s Requiem
2. Fight For Life
3. Templarius
4. Valley Of No Return (Bonus Track)
5. Don’t Unleash The Pain (Bonus Track)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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