Temple Of Sorrow - Intergalaxial Brutes

Temple Of Sorrow is hailing from the Czech Republic and with "Intergalaxial Brutes" they come up with a new independent release. Here you will find 11 tracks in a mixture of metal and technical industrial. Also lyrically they are dealing with technology and aerospace releated issues. Keyboards for the special sound effects and a drum machine for the tsjak tsjak rhythm. Guitars are thick and heavy in riffing but the riffs are not too complicated and show little melody. Vocals are going towards grunting although it is not real grunting. Deep growling and singing would be better to describe. Tempo of the songs are in the mid paced with few slower or faster parts. Temple Of Sorrow try to bring in a groove which is leading some songs to be danceable.

For those who like their metal futuristic and industrial Temple Of Sorrow would be a good challenge.

1. Melt Me Down
2. Space Cuisine
3. Animated Terrestrial City
4. A Tribute To Kryten
5. Silicon Hell
6. Legion
7. Buy Your Own E.T.
8. The Cockpit Twist
9. The Polymorph
10. Me Multiplied By Me
11. Intergalaxial Brutes

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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