Temple - Structures In Chaos

Do you remember Rachel, the good-looking grunting girl from Occult and Sinister? I have always wondered what happened to her until I received Temple's debut album "Structures In Chaos". The info available at Non Servium Records' site says that this band was formed by Rachel and Beyond Belief's guitarist A.J.van Drenth. Unfortunately the girl with the evil voice left by the time the recording process started and as a result of that the vocals on "Structures In Chaos" are performed by the above mentioned A.J.van Drenth and several quest vocalists among whom are the names of Marloes from Izegrim and Stephen Gebedi from Thanatos/Hail Of Bullets. Temple's line-up is completed by Michiel Dekker from The Monolith Deathcult on bass/vocals and the Supreme Pain drummer Eric DeWindt.

"Structures In Chaos" offers nine tracks of aggressive death/black metal played by really experienced musicians. Eric DeWindt destroys his drumkit with solid blastbeats and precise doublebass drumming from the first track "Rituals Of Marduk". Temple's music is influenced by bands like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and especially Behemoth - you'll hear speedy guitar riffs, grinding drums and a powerful roaring vocalist. A.J.van Drenth's vocals remind me of the voice of Nergal (Behemoth) but in my opinion they are too monotonous. Every track is played fast with the exception of the instrumental "Dead Sun Festival". Unfortunately at some point the tracks start to sound similar to one another. No doubt that Temple play tight and solid death metal but there is a lack of variety that can make "Structures In Chaos" an outstanding album. In case Behemoth's death metal is your style of music you should check this band out.

1. Rituals Of Marduk
2. Higher Perfection
3. The Algol Planet
4. Dead Sun Festival
5. Cover Her In Blood
6. Spiritual Development
7. Matagatsubi
8. Among Ravens
9. Multiverse