Temtris - Enter The Asylum

This is the fourth album from Female fronted Temtris playing traditional metal from Australia. Musically, this hits the mark, very much what I feel like the traditional metal bands were doing during the millennium years, not EU power metal, but bare bones metal tracks with some extended range vocals. The album itself is a comfortable experience, my only gripe is the vocals. Some of the trails are have too much vibrato, and some of the tracks seem to struggle to fit the key. The instrumental 'Too Deep' starts your concentration wandering, but then the Hammond organ sound quickly brings your attention back to the forefront. The title track 'Enter The Asylum' has all the hallmarks of bands like Blaze (Bailey) and a lot from the UK scene (Triaxis etc.), again taking you back to the millennium years and late nineties.

The ballad 'Lament' is emotive, a touch self-indulgent and full of remorse if you listen to the lyrics, don't get too hung up on it, but again, a touch of over expression makes you winch a little during the track. It doesn't go out of control, just a little too operatic for my tastes. Other than that, if you think back to a time when traditional metal was pretty dull and scarce, Temtris will fill that void because they remind me certainly of that time period and the bands that played around that time. As for in the current day, I am not sure how well this will be received. Musically, this is very entertaining, but I am slightly wary by going full on with support for this album as it reminds me of the past, not the now.

  1. R.A.M. (Random Access Memory) - Instrumental 
  2. Enter The Asylum 
  3. Mind Games  
  4. The Summoning  
  5. Break The Skin  
  6. Darkness Falling  
  7. Too Deep  (Instrumental)
  8. Empty Room  
  9. Night Stalker  
  10. Seasons Of Decay  
  11. Lament  
  12. Phoenix

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 28, 2016
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